About the race

Käringsund Triathlon was held for the first time in 2009. From the beginning, the core idea of the triathlon race was to create an event to suit everyone and in which the range of distances would invite everyone to participate. Young and old alike and more and less trained can participate and experience the fantastic sportsmanship the triathlon can offer.
The main organizer of the event is Åland Event, in close cooperation with Åland Triathlon Club and Käringsund Resort & Conference.

The Käringsund Triathlon is a fun two-day event. Friday is devoted to sprint relay, with a total of four different classes – men´s/ mix, women, company and familyclass.
The relay race is an excellent opportunity for companies to bring their staff to scenic Käringsund for the competition. Those who don’t participate in the race can support their workmates with cheerleading. What about a dinner together afterwards?! Various sports teams can playfully vary their training and try new sports with the triathlon relay. The team competition is also a nice get-together and a way to visit Åland and to combine the race with a relaxing weekend in Eckerö. The combinations of team compositions and possibilities are many!
Read more about the relay and the different classes under Competition classes, distances and starttimes.

The main sponsor for the relay is www.klingbergs.ax

Saturday is a real family day and offers a combination of playful and almost rule-free competition (fitness category) and serious race in olympic- and halfdistance triathlon and supersprint with international rules.
Open finnish championships in Olympic distance will be held for adults (general, master’s and youth classes) and in supersprint for young people aged 15-17.For the happy amaterus there are open classes at all distances and thereto both kids and toddlers races.  Käringsund Aquathlon Special, the new from 2017, is meant for children and adults who have some form of mental retardation or special needs and will be a part of the event also in 2018. In Aquathlon participants swim and run, no biking.
There are individual starts from the youngest to the very “adult” ones in both race and fitness categories.

Käringsund Triathlon is a spectator-friendly event with a unique opportunity to follow the start, finish and transitions comfortably from the terrace. In addition to the competitions there is entertainment during the day, and on Friday evening there is a pasta party and on Saturday evening it’s time to enjoy the season’s final dinner!