Escape from Alcatraz

Scandinavian qualifying race to the Escape from Alcatraz

Käringsund Triathlon is the newest international event, and at the same time the only scandinavian qualifying race to the Escape from Alcatraz- triathlon

A total of 32 finishers across all the racedivisions in olympic- and halfdistance in Käringsund triathlon can qualify for an entry into the 2018 Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon in San Francisco, CA.
Entries will also be raffled among all those who complete Escape from Alcatraz- raceclasses. Thus, one should never interrupt – you can still be a winner!

The best male and female competitors from each race in both olympic- and halfdistance will qualify in the following manner:

Age group                    Female                    Male
17-19                            1st Place                  1st Place
20-24                            1st Place                  1st Place
Elite                              1st Place                  1st Place
30-39                            1st Place                  1st Place
40-49                            1st Place                  1st Place
50-59                            1st Place                  1st Place
60-69                            1st Place                  1st Place
70+                               1st Place                  1st Place

Escape from Alcatraz – what´s that?

Every summer 2000 triathletes from around the world decend upon San Francisco Bay to attempt the impossible: ESCAPE from Alcatraz!
Over the last 37 years, The Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon has established itself as one of the premier triathlons in the world. Its popularity has also made it one of the hardest races to get into, on par with Kona.
Participants can qualify through an Escape To -event or enter the random drawing. Over 10000 triathletes per year will try and hope for one of the coveted 2000 race entries.
Escape from Alcatraz is 1,5 mile (2,4km) swimming, 18 mile (28,9km) bicycling and 8mile (12,8km) running.

Also this year you can compete for YOUR ENTRY at Käringsund Triathlon 2017.

All participants in the race-classes in both olympic- and halfdistance can take part in the competition (included in the registration fee): The Alcatraz race-classes at Käringsund Triathlon 2017 you can choose from are (in both olympic- and halfdistance) female/ male elite, F/M 17-19, F/M  20-24, F/M 30-39, F/M 40-49, F/M 50-59, F/M 60-69 and F/M 70+.

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